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I have always been greatly aware of my surroundings, whether inside a building or outside in a forest.

There are many architects and designers who have influenced my thoughts and ideas, amongst whom, to name a few : Buckminster Fuller, Antonio Gaudi, Cezanne, Dali, Escher and more recently Cesar Manrique for his astounding empathy with nature.

Having qualified with a degree in Interior Design I thought that I was well equipped to make my mark on this planet as a designer. That was not to be so easy as I soon learned. The road was undefined and very complex as I discovered the ins and outs of the status quo in the many countries in which I have lived and travelled, consequently my pursuit of originality has been enhanced and I continue to research and discover wonderful and exciting aspects of our natural environment which I attempt to transpose into objects for enjoyment in our visual environment.

One of my greatest passions is Stained Glass which I learned at Art College and went on to have my own studios in Singapore, Bali and Spain over a 30 year period, where I designed and produced many windows, lamps and other objects, either on commission or for fun and experimentation.

I believe that fun is the fun-damental reason for self expression through any art form as life is to be enjoyed and explored so consequently , as a lover of light, form and colour I have now launched a unique range of retro style lighting which I sincerely hope will brighten up some interiors !


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