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Here follow some pictures of the varied work in which I have been involved, working for private people as well as on construction sites and other commercial projects.


Custom made loft hatch

New Ladder

Boarded out with strip light

Old flooring removed

Repairing lower floor


New bamboo laminate flooring

8x4 shed erected

12x8 summerhouse restored and insulated for an office

Removing old ceiling

Ready for sound insulation

A few trips to the dump !

Fire door upgrade and replacement in student accommodation

Repairing fence after strong winds. New posts installed

Creating shuttering on site

Checking moisture content in private apartment : not good

On site

Glad to be working on the roof

Can you spot the trip hazards ?

War zone or construction site ?

Installing new electric shower

New tiles in kitchen

Alcove shelves made from left-over floor boards

Simple boiler boxing made from left-over kitchen unit end panels

Beautiful old building near Market St, Nottingham being converted into bar/restaurant ; a very satisfying project to work on.

What will be the main bar

Front section of the main seating area

Preparing a 6 panel door for hanging

My tool shed

I believe very strongly in trying to achieve the best results with whatever resources are available ie ; budget, materials, time and tools.

A tidy and clean working environment is a safe environment. I often find that the simplest solution to a challenge is generally the best solution and I am very conscious of waste in terms of materials, hence I try to recycle any timber off-cuts which may be used for other purposes, like the bases of some of my lamps and other objects which I make.

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